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Chanmina - Nerimaʼs Beyonce

Recently I posted a blog about Jessi, a Korean-American artist based in South Korea. This time I want to talk about Chanmina (ちゃんみな) also known as Mina Otomonai (乙茂内 美奈 ). 

Chanmina is an absolute trail blazer making waves in Japan and even South Korea. She brings a distinct sexual liberation and brazenness to a very conservative musical atmosphere. Japan is well known for it’s Kawaii or cute aesthetic and values youth above all else. However, Chanmina breaks those barriers by casting aside the cute aesthetic and delving directly into the image of a sexy, strong woman.


Chanmina started out rapping in High School and planned on moving to South Korea to become an idol. She wears a tattoo of a half Korean flag and half Japanese flag fused together to show her heritage. Chanmina also speaks three languages, Japanese, Korean, and English and was heavily influenced by Big Bang.

Chanmina started learning ballet, piano and violin at a young age as her mother was a traveling Ballerina. She took ballet classes and in the same building there were hip-hop classes. Once she saw one of her classmates dancing hip-hop style she switched classes.




Chanmina has worked with American artists as well as famous Kpop artists. She released #Girlsspeakout with Taeyon (From Girls Generation) in South Korea. As for English music, she released an international version of Best friend along with Saweetie, Doja Cat, and Jamie.



 However, Japan is where Chanmina shines. She acts as a neon beacon in a pale, pastel world. She is a lighthouse for those who love Kpop or western music with the added bonus of Japanese lyrics. She speaks about topics such as being bullied and exploring her sexuality at a young age. Chanmina is an authentic and fearless woman and I hope you all will give her music a listen. She’s absolutely amazing!

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This is the person you recommended last time, she has a good sound :)

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yesss! I love her so I thought I would do a little article for her. I'm obsessed lol

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