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K3+ prog

got past stage 1's needle. fuck that took so long

if you don't know what K3+ is, it's basically an I Wanna Kill The Kamilia 3 mod that makes it way harder. despite the fact that k3 is already extremely hard. im terrified for what redbatnick makes stage 2 into.... O_O;

anyway, yeah, gg. i'll beat boss 1 in 2037

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wait omga there's a third installment to the I Wanna Be The Guy ( o☐o ) !?

i never knew this... is it just as good as the first two ?

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no it's a fangame

by glitchy; ; Report

Oh LMFAO my bad

by TrashCat2002; ; Report

also sorry that it took over 2 weeks i just Didn't Log Into this site

by glitchy; ; Report

its chill I get it :p, social media kinda suxx but this forum format has always been the superior way imho

by TrashCat2002; ; Report