horror movie - dream from 4/10/23

tw: gross and kinda disturbing. toddler death but not detailed. also its fake and from my dreams 

last night's dream was STRANGE. weirdly unsettling. should have been frightening but i kinda understood the source in my brain for it so it didn't freak me out as much. 

basically i wasn't there, it was like watching a horror film. i was watching this family. stay at home wife, busy working father, toddler daughter (probs around 2-3 yrs old) and baby son (like 1). idk. pretty typical and generic horror movie set up in a nice suburban house tbh

there was more to it for sure, but i primarily remember the toddler daughter getting possessed by a demon. watching it enter her soul. and then later, the demon took full control and was trying to "kill the body" so it could get free. needless to say, watching a toddler crawl into a very hot oven wasn't great. 

the main thing i remember the most was the mother's screams when she realized her daughter was in the oven. i don't consider myself christian but i've been to church a lot the past few weeks for family stuff - and its what i imagine mary sounded like watching her son's crucifixion. that's the part that echoes in my brain the most and actually freaks me out the most. i've never woken up from a dream feeling like someone had actually screamed so loud it woke me.... nor am i typically able to hear sounds from dreams so clearly in my auditory memories throughout the day. the spiritual side of me is a bit worried about all this. might have to try and act catholic for the first time in my life and try to pray to mary or something

idk. thanks for that dream brain. very unnerving. but kinda a cool movie idea. if i made movies or cared to write scripts anymore . . . seriously why did my brain "film it" like that? it was like frame by frame. jumpcuts and panning and everything. 

moral of the story: don't read up on demon mythology (esp on ur computer) right before bed i guess

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