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fear and hunger

i only just recently found out abt fear and hunger (termina too!) and i gotta say the ost really gets to me.. it leaves my hair on end!!!! very powerful stuff.  i will warn theres very graphic scenes and g/re so if u wanna check the game out urself please proceed w/ caution !! youtube may be a safe option since it would be censored. if anything please give the opening menu theme a listen!

^__^ menu theme!

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MiCKY !! ♡ ⋆。˚

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WAA i wasnt expecting 2 see other people that know about the game here!! an artist i follow on twt posts fan art for it and i been meaning 2 check out the game it looks pretty cool from what ive seen! i just gave the menu theme a listen i dig it

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omg funny enough it was actually twit fanart that got me into it too!

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