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How did u discover heavy music?

I'm very curious on how sum ppl got into heavy music, as in shiz like extreme metal, punk and other crazy genres. I'd love to hear ur guys' stories!

here's mine:

I kinda always liked it, ive listened to rock sense i was born, like it's practically in my blood lol. My dad played a lot of Metallica n a bunch of grunge bands around me n my sister when we were rlly little, n my mom loved a lot of the same music. I didnt rlly start actually getting into the music until i was around late-12-early-13, it was kinda a spontaneous interest lmao. for a good month or two I sticked to nu metal (mainly SOAD n Slipknot, which I still like), but started dabblin in a bit of Slayer n a couple of punk bands. Soon enough, i completely fell in love with metal!

(srry if this was badly written lol im not that good with puttin my thoughts down)

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Cranky Old Witch

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It was the 80s and a friend lent me his copy of Iron Maiden's Piece of Mind.

That was it from there! Shortly after, Metallica dropped their Master of Puppets album and we all just HAD to have it! Slayer's Hell Awaits had just come out, and a lot of bands like Megadeath, Anthrax, Celtic Frost were just coming around.

Lot of good albums coming out, Mercyful Fate, Exodus, all sorts of what was heavy at the time

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