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nonezenze and ramblez

choozing catagoriez iz bullzhit


i enjoy publically pozting my nonzenze and ramblez zo yeah. i got that aegozexual zwag.

i waz like "oh i'm aego" and then i waz like "no im allo" and now im back realizing i am aego i juzt get a little confuzed. zo.. yeah.

alzo, waz dating zomeone, we broke up, but were ztill like, friendz, zo that'z nice. 

i'm reading lovelezz by alice ozeman, itz good zo far. 

i alzo looked up my ztar zign and ztuff, zo, incaze your wondering, my zun iz zcorpio (knew that), my moon iz alzo zcorpio, and my rizing iz leo. zo that'z kinda cool :] 

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