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Poem 1. Wrote 11-12-21

Sometimes we go through thingsΒ 

And they really are a blessing.
To blinded by our emotions sometimes,Β 
And we fail to learn the lesson.
Somethings sometimes are for our greater good..
Even at the start of things they might be misunderstood.
In my life I've been through a lot,
There's been plenty of ups and downs.
But in all reality and honesty,Β 
It always comes back around.
Through all the rain, and through the pain
My eyes are now able to see,
And now I better understand
Everything that's behind and in front of me
God will sit you all the way down,Β 
So he can build you all the way back up.Β 
He will make you whole and new again.
All you have to do is be vigilant
And have faith until the end.Β 

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