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Separating the art from the artist

im curious to know what sum of yall's stance is on "separating the art from the artist". I personally don't rlly see an issue with listening to problematic bands/artists as long as you are aware of their actions and don't support those said actions.

but what do yall think? please remember to be respectful to one another!

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As a black metal fan i pretty much couldnt listen to anythingl if i didnt seperate the art from the artist lmao

In my opinion as long as you dont support the artist directly by buying merch n shit(ofc unless they're long dead), listening to their music is perfectly fine. if you wanna go the extra step you can listen to third party uploads on youtube to REALLY not give any support, but musicians are so criminally underpaid by streaming platforms anyway i tend to not bother.

Educate yourself on the Artists actions, recognize that its wrong and dont let yourself be influenced to do the same, but by all means listen to the music.

And also, if an artist did something wrong years ago, but has an almost completely spotless record from then on- you might aswell just forgive them. We tend to forget these people are human too, and they make mistakes, grow and mature just like us. They wont ever be perfect.

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I completely agree! It’s practically impossible to support a black metal band that has a spotless record

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