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- sometimes I have a hard time understanding or picking up on things

- my wording can be really bad so if you need clarification don't be afraid to ask

- I do cuss a little

-I struggle with pronouns

- I'm a lot younger than most people so please nothing too sexually explicit

- this may not matter too much but I use '❤️' platonically

- I can and will talk a lot, I talk very passionately about the things that I have opinions on, so if you dont want to hear about those things you can go else where

Don't friend me if…

- under 13 or over 21

-Im not looking for any kind of relationship or anything romantic/sexual

-bigoted mindsets, homophobes, misogynists, transphobes etc

-genshin fans, dsmps and danganronpa fans

-furries are on thin ice

- if you USE like any of those unorthodox neopronouns. For example if you use Xe/Xem that's fine. Pronouns like cat/cat's is not. Same thing with xenogenders, an example would be catgender. It's alright if you support them but not use them. Xenoid users are cool👍.(please respect that it's just personal belief)

- gatekeepers

- self diagnosers

- bulliten spammers

- dont run into my dms to aruge with me about anything

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