Love/Hate my new job

So i feel like i should be massively grateful and happy for getting the job ive kinda always wanted but it’s constantly a love hate thing. After finishing uni i ended up getting stuck in a horrible restaurant job where i was constantly treated like dirt by both staff and customers. I eventually took a masters degree in Archaeology far away in Cardiff just to get away from everything and to have a new start. Now im back home again but got the single job position as an archaeological geophysicist which i like but i hate the professional/mature atmosphere with most people i work with. I barely get spoken to by most there and some are just so hostile over things like me dyeing my hair and even liking alternative fashion and music. Feels weird complaining about it since it is a good job and it could be alot worse but i just miss the new life i made while i was away at uni and was nowhere near ready to give it all up and enter the life of work.

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