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My short story "The Weight Of Nothing"

Rain satisfied the emptiness of the train station with its roaring veils of water, that subjugated the tiles of the ticket office with bestiality at the sound of thunder. Clouds wailed as they tore through the earth beneath them, and even though repentance echoed in their war cries, they mercilessly attacked me with their whips of water until they drowned me completely.

Amidst the barrages and furor of lightning, the faint sound of the locomotive vanished to the sound of my raging heartbeat, which screamed in fright and agony, avidly trying to escape the vessel that confined it here. Droplets stomped me tauntingly against the rubble in which flowers asphyxiated, to give them an excuse to end me before the bolt gave them the order. I finally succumbed to the pain as I watched the last train leave my reach. I looked up at the turmoil in the dark sky in defeat, and it shot me back with thunder. 


Like a bullet, water scoured my lungs hastily for an exit, which caused me to sputter erratically all over the soaked concrete. My body collapsed on the floor, and devoid of any power, I was left to gaze at the dying sun while rainwater embraced my body with the most unpleasant memories that awaited me. They looted any hope I ever had, allowing melancholy to burn me from the inside, leaving nothing more than a miserable pile of ashes in my place.

For hours, I chided myself for encouraging me to do things I shouldn't have done, and just thinking about the consequences was enough for me to writhe in unbelievable disgrace. May my tears dissolve my bones until they leave no trace of my existence. I desperately punched the floor out of rage, as if my blows would forcefully open a gap between the concrete slabs, and the earth would have no choice but to swallow me.

Unexpectedly, my anger no longer attacked my reasoning, but my behavior. I was encouraged to admire what I had become: a pitiful being. One so small and pathetic, that it was enraging enough for me to snap out of it. I wiped my tears, got up, headed towards the train tracks as if nothing had happened, and started walking despite the fact that my steps resembled those of a delirious person. My destination was unknown to me, I just wanted to distance myself from the tantrum I had acted.

From the depths, the moon rose as it had done plenty of times before, and began to eavesdrop from above the clouds, as if finally, something interesting was to occur in a secluded neighborhood. The whispers of my shoes dragging through the damp leaves were the only sign of life between the thicket of obscure pines, now destroyed beyond recognition; the remaining trees trashed to the brisk wind currents along with my jacket, which billowed just enough to hinder me from walking, as if the forest was challenging me to come forth. 

My bones trembled to the frigid blows. The wind dispersed the trail of droplets that dribbled down my clothes since the train station, erasing the path to its dreadful stillness. How unfair that after so long, I’m stranded on the other side of the cliff, trapped in another storm, but this time, it poured uncontrollable frustration. I screamed and fought against the invisible hands to no avail until I broke down in exhaustion.

To my surprise, winter’s lifeless arms held my body with the care I so desperately desired, yet my concerns had been made impossible to address. To be bothered by my trivial longings meant an increase in failure, but I now realize that my negligence over myself is making me vulnerable after the lightest stroke of warmth, even if it is nonexistent. Regardless of recognizing my steady descent to death, I couldn’t reject this insincere kindness. It was impossible.

Those are the first few words of my short story"The Weight Of Nothing". it's currently a work in progress, but I'll be posting updates on this blog. 

The plot revolves around the main character, which is intended to remain nameless until a certain part of the story,  who fails to sneak into a train after a horrible thunderstorm ruins their plans to escape their mysterious past. After lumbering around the empty train tracks, they encounter another person amidst the dark, cold, and gloomy woods.

Well, that's all for now. Thanks for reading!!

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OOOOO The writing of this is super good!! I'd love to see where this story goes!

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Thank you!!

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