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read before you add me

don't interact if

  • you're bigoted, pedo, ableist, l/g/b/t-phobic, racist, fatphobic, shit like that, pro ed (i don't mean regular ass people who have eating disorders!! i mean ppl who bully themselves and others into relapsing), sex negative, sexist (and yes that also includes misandry. we love men here), overall nasty
  • you don't have critical thinking skills. in this house we look at problematic shit like this is literature class. i just hate the twitter kinda mindset that wants everything to be sanitized - everything is inherently flawed, we should learn to um. live and learnnnn from it, so to speak. instead of completely pushing it away. yeah.
  • you don't want to see swearing. i can't filter that out, that's just how i speak in a casual setting.
  • you don't want to see any nsfw content. i'm flexible so if you're not fond of really explicit stuff i tag that + won't mention that in conversations with u, but i gotta have my silly sex jokes on main!!

keep in mind

  • i love to be cringe and i want to learn to enjoy myself more :]
  • tying in to above, i love reclaiming terms like fujoshi/fudanshi, yuri/yaoi etc. first of all they're just regular fandom terms in japan, but also this is the kind of stuff that was bullied off the internet for being deemed too cringe. did the general culture have some bad takes? of course, but that may also be the case for something you hold dear and is fine nowadays. we all evolve and change so i don't think it's inherently bad, just remember to strive for improvement!! also the aestethics and jokes straight up slap so yeah
  • overall i hate sex negativity so much. i love kinks and fetishes and i appreciate a lot of them and related content even if they aren't exactly my own <3 there are many ways a kink/fetish can be cool and good and if you want to debate that we just don't have anything to talk about because i don't want to. as long as people aren't doing anything abhorrent it's cool!
  • i don't necessarily decline friend requests based on age, you just gotta pass the vibe check. if i post something nsfw that's more serious than a silly joke i tag it so i think that's sufficient for minor's safety. that said, generally the futher from my age the more it's probable that we won't get along that great or i just won't feel comfortable, but that's not a rule set in stone. if you think we'd have things in common then hit me up!!
  • i may decline your request if i can't read your profile. i'm not very photosensitive but some effects make stuff unreadable to me, like light text on dark backgrounds (i have astigmatism so most dark modes give me mad halation!!! shit hurts and looks like fuzz). i try to remember to use bookmarklets to simplify the layout and/or css though so i'll do my best to actually read stuff :^D
  • you may want to follow my blog because i want to keep some posts so not everything will be in bulletins. i have a bad memory so it's fun to go back :^)

please interact i beg you

  • you like similar stuff. that's a no brainer
  • you're cringe like me!!!
  • you'd like to small the web with me. let's fight back the monopolization of the internet together and kick corporation ass :^) this is a call to try making a neocities page for yourself in addition to spacehey, even a simple one. we could link each other!

ok thx for reading i hope we can get along swell !

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