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Jessi 제시- A South Korean Rapper/Singer

A friend of mine wrote up a really cool article about a Spanish musical artist and it made me think of a Korean artist that I like a lot. Her name is Jessi. 

“Jessica Ho” (제시) is an American born rapper and singer. She was born in New York, raised in New Jersey, and moved to South Korea at the age of 15. In recent years she signed with Psy’s record label allowing her more freedom to express herself. (Update: Last year she ended her contract with his label.)

She’s a very provocative artist and doesn't hesitate to say what is on her mind, specially on TV. She’s featured on many variety shows in South Korea where she says exactly what is on her mind, bringing a seductive flare to the otherwise conservative TV shows. 

A few years ago, Jessi along with South Korean singers Lee Hyo-ri, Uhm Jung-hwa, and Hwasa came together to form a ‘Super Group’ called the Refund Sisters. These women are all amazing entertainers in their own rights. 

 Some famous songs by Jessi are: Gucci, What Kind of X, Nunu Nana, Zoom, Don’t Make Me Cry, and Cold Blooded. You’ll always find her with a fierce tan and stylish clothes all while loving herself. When controversy breaks out, Jessi is amazing and will always go on record to set things strait. Don't let her fool you, her personality packs a punch and I love it!

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oh, i like her, i'll add her onto my spotify :)

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She's awesome! I plan on writing about another artist similar to her soon ^^

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