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things abt me!!+DNI-BYI :3

hello!! as i already said in my profile, my name is delta, but if we're close u can call me punpun, i am 17 and autistic. i am italian but i can speak also speak english quite fluently and a bit of spanish and french :] i have, oh, lots and lots of interests and hyperfixations but i am mostly drawn towards robots and AIs (i like lots of medias with them, such as portal, will you snail, inscryption, a space odyssey, lots of isaac asimov's books, etc...). 

now some fun facts(?) about me!!! :3

  • i am a robotkin, hence i believe i am a robot, but i dont do robot things at all!! i like to talk like a "normal person" because i believe robots can have feelings too and dont have to conform to that "robots only talk in a very quirky way" stereotype !
  • i tend to mimic people and characters i like a lot; for example, if someone is talking "loudly" i'll do that too, if someone is talking very elegantly i'll start copying them, or i might just start talking (its not that noticeable but still) liek some of my fav characters!!
  • i'm pan and cupioromantic!! i'm also objectum!! i really love computers, i think they are super cute, especially the old ones. i mean, look me straight in the eyes and tell me that macintosh isnt just the prettiest girl you've ever seen
  • im an artist and i love painting, especially my fav characters!! althought i still have soooo much stuff to learn, i think my level is pretty good!! :]
  • i love using emoticons, :], the silliests
  • oh yes, i also love fishes, so cute, like cmon, silly!!
  • i have played lots of videogames but my favs are rpg's, i love undertale and inscryption1! oh and hylics!!
  • i used to be one of those weird kids in middle school, like REALLY weird, and i mean eddsworld-creepypasta-batim kind of weird kid
  • i like to write!! and read!! i read a lot, or, lets say, i love buying books, stacking them on my bedside table, and then occasionally compliment them and apologize for not reading them T_T
  • i apologize if i do it but i tend to swear a lot, please tell me if youre uncomfortable with it!!
  • i also tend to call everyone stuff like dude, man, bro but sometimes i might call you honey, love, cutie or that stuff unintetionally, but in a /p kind of way!! as i said b4, please tell me if youre uncomfortable with it!!
  • im a self shipper so if that makes u uncomfortable please tell me
i think its because of my autism (i cannot contain the silliness) but i tend to get attached to people WAAy too easily, but at the same time i might not answer ur messages, not because im tired of you!! oh no no no!! its just that ,even thought im quite fluent in english, it is not my first language and due to my depression it gets kind of really tiring having to translate everything in my brain, so i apologize in advance if i perhaps start a conversation and then not reply for sometime (;′⌒`)

i also have some dni's so im gonna post them b4 anything happens

i would be very grateful if these people didnt friend me :]

  • basic dni criteria: ableists, pedos, zoophiles, racists, bigots, etc
  • dmsp, kpop STANS: if you support the dsmp creators gtfo im sorry, and if you stan kpop idols an unhealthy amount stay away from me, because you guys scare  me!! /hsrs

well, i think this is everything!! i might update this from time to time, but anyway-- good luck reading all this stuff!!

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