The end of the owl house

It's now starting to set in that today The owl house ends

And I'm sad

A bit ago I was thinking "now what? When toh ends there will be no new animated story driven shows" well I think the problem then was that I was thinking , only of the mainstream stuff, because now I realize that when toh ends there will still be stuff to look foward too such as helluva boss, hazbin hotel, murder drones, lackadaisy, and probably even more I'm forgetting! 

Basically the end of toh is very bittersweet 

I guess I'm also especially sad it's the owl house that's ending, I mean it helped me find out i was bi, and eventually non-binary!

I love fantasy stuff, and this show did amazing with the fantasy vibe, and just 

It's kind of hard to write praise for it because of how much it means to me, and how much I love it

Final words: watch the owl house, Goodbye Dana and everyone else who worked on the show, and frick disney

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