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General info abt me (EDITED)

thought i should do one of these just cuz im bored lol (メ﹏メ)

Last updated: 7/29/23


★ Name(s):

Sam (or Sammy but that’s more 4 close friends), Vampy, Crowley (pronounced Cr-ow-lee)

Use whichever u like, I rlly don’t care that much (Sam is preferred tho)

★ Age:

4teen (12/9/08)

★ Pronouns:

I use She/They/It

!Please don’t just use she/her, the others are there for a reason

★ Gender:


★ From:

Texas, born in California

★ Facts abt me:

I'm a metalhead! I also consider myself goth and a punk, imma Sagittarius, INTP, I'm an Anarchist, I'm Agnostic (aka i don't believe in any specific religion, but still believe in a higher being/heaven and hell), n im shy as hell. I also have ADHD n Dyslexia 0_o I feel like that's important to mention lol

★ Main interests:

Guitar, collecting CDs (I don't own much rn but im working on expanding it), horror movies, diy culture, marvel comics/movies, bats (theyre my fav animal lol), video games, anime (kinda? I dont watch much of them), tattoo art, history, dnd (I wanna play it so bad but haven't learned how to play or found a party to join), gothic literature, art in general, and the nu metal era!

★ Music Genres:

I listen to a lot of metal (obvi), mainly crossover thrash, doom metal, deathcore, death metal, metalcore, ambient metal, and grindcore. Besides metal, I like powerviolence, anarcho punk, post-punk darkwave, new wave, goth rock, and industrial!

★ (some of) My Favorite Bands:

Gojira (my favorite band), Nails, Deftones, Candlemass, Rammstien, Ghost, Lorna Shore, ACxDC (Antichrist Demoncore NOT ac/dc), Skinny Puppy, The Cure, Depeche Mode, The Black Dahlia Murder, Alice In Chains, Misfits, FEAR, Municipal Waste, Hong Kong Fuck You, Power Trip, The Birthday Massacre, Motionless In White, Spiritbox, Fluoride, Twin Tribes, Korn, Mouthbreather, Nine Inch Nails, Haunt me, Infant Annihilator, Extortion, Dead Kennedys, Death, Agoraphoic Nosebleeed, Napalm Death, Blood Incantation, Spite, Shadow Of Intent and Code Orange! (there's so many more but im leaving it there) 

★ Movies n TV shows:

The Umbrella Academy, Us, Bungou Stray Dogs, Edward Scissorhands, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Devilman Crybaby, The Crow, Scream, Get Out, Donnie Darko, The Chucky Series, My Bloody Valentine, Mean Girls, Puss In Boots, Deadpool 1-2, and all Spiderman movies (Into The Spiderverse is my fav)


and that's basically it lol have a good day

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