'This User Is' Banners!! ft. im regressing to past special interests XD

Soooooo something reminded me of the existence of pony.mov by hotdiggitydemon. SO i just binge watched it. 
aaaand while i was doing that, i decided to make this. 

a 'this user is' box, with Robo-Dash from pony.mov, that says 'Crush, Kill, Destroy, SWAG'

if you know, you know XD

i now just want to go on a 'this user is' spree.
Though i do gotta say, thank you to one of my homies, tuna (Xx.Sk8rBee.xX) for giving me the template they used for their 'This User Is' template for whatever i want. 

deadass though, if anyone wants me to make a custom 'this user is', i gotchu

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