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okay jesus if i don't write this down i'll never remember

formatted in the style of a 4chan greentext because that's the extent of my writing capabilities atm

>get a job painting a mural downtown
>it's inside an office building so only the people who work there will see it
>pros: no inclement weather
>cons: not everybody can just freely see it so i'll have to take a picture to show them once we're done
>first day on the actual job site after 2--count em, 2--shifts of powerpoint-filled orientation
>shift starts at 4pm
>dropped off ~15mins late bc traffic
>get Lost In The Big City for another ~15mins
>find a coworker who was also lost so hey at least i wasn't lost alone
>finally find the place
>do nothing for the entire shift bc the supervisor wasn't there so hardly anybody knew what we were doing
>clock out at 8pm
>partner can't pick me up bc they wake up at 3am for work so 8pm is really late at night for them to drive ~20mins into the city
>can't afford rideshares
>roomie can't drive
>only person who could have given me a ride home lived in the opposite direction
>baby's first public bus!
>find the bus stop
>board bus
>they don't take card
>exit bus
>cry a little bit
>try to buy a ticket on the app while i wait for the next bus
>next bus comes ~20 mins later
>board bus
>scan ticket
>wrong bus line
>fuck (1).jpg
>wasted $3
>start to exit bus
>an angelman from heavenland pays for my ticket with cash
>board bus
>cry more
>route app refreshes so i can't tell how many stops it's been
>can't see out the windows
>unfamiliar with the landscape bc i've only lived in this city for 1.5 years and i've never been downtown
>fuck (2).jpg
>just kinda wing it
>old man boards bus and sits in front of me
>smalltalk.exe failed
>kinda know where i am?
>panic get off
>old man gets off with me bc he wants to help
>he genuinely meant well, but i do still feel like an idiot for giving him my number
>aaaaand he's transphobic
>he goes to put his stuff in his house which was right there at that stop
>panic walk away while he's gone
>walk for 45 minutes in the dark at 40 degrees fahrenheit (4.5celcius)
>miss a call from the old man, but thankfully he doesn't try again
>cry more again
>lose feeling in my hands while texting my mom (which, now that i think about it, was a venture done purely for emotional support bc she feasibly wouldn't have been able to help me otherwise on account of the fact that she lives a state over)
>get home at ~10:30pm
>try to unlock the door
>try to call partner to come unlock the deadbolt
>partner not answering (very asleep)
>phone at 2%
>fuck (3).jpg
>drastic measures
>call roomie
>roomie unlocks deadbolt
>roomie hugs
>currently getting blasted and eating bacon cheese curly fries
>the terrifying realization that this was the best possible outcome for what could have happened tonight

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