April 6th 2023

Today was a lovely day.

I woke up this morning next to my lover; I spent the night at his house.  Even though we had to wake up before the sun, I enjoyed waking up next to him.  He left for work and I left for home.

Once home, I weighed myself.  I'm officially out of the two-hundreds.  I currently weigh one-hundred and ninety-two pounds.  I'm proud of myself but I still have a long way to go.

I spent most of the morning playing Obey Me and the Sims on my phone.  I know that the Sims 4 is now free to play but my laptop doesn't have enough space to download it.  The other part of the morning I spent filming the behind the scenes of my new stop-motion short.

Yesterday was also spent filming the behind the scenes.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to get the stop-motion portion out of the way.  Like I said in my bulletin, I want to include live-action portions in this new short.  Maybe I'll be able to film some of the live action tomorrow as well if I wake up early enough.

While on the topic, I uploaded my stop-motion videos to the creepypasta amino yesterday.  I'm pretty well known on that amino as I posted my cosplays of characters and my own stories to it often.  It seems to be getting a good reception and the curator of the amino even asked me if it was part of an ARG.

I said no since most of the answers can be found in the title of the videos.  The only thing that's really a mystery is, why is it happening to Anastasia?  As well as the correct timeline but that's another question that's answered by the titles.

Work went by fast.  I have a new job at a department store.  The department I work in is jewelry so I have to dress nice.  Dressing nice is really the only problem I face with the job, other than not getting paid for a week since I had Covid.  I don't have as much nice clothes as I thought I did so I feel like I'm always wearing the same things.

Tomorrow I have work for the same hours as today; eleven to seven.  At first I hated this shift as it seemed like I was there the whole day but I'm starting to enjoy it.  I still get half the day to myself and in that time frame I get to enjoy both the morning and evening.  This shift is my favorite next to the opening shift.  I like having a whole half of my day to myself.  

Luckily, we are closed on Easter so I still get to spend time with my family and lover.  This year, my little cousins are coming again!  I haven't seen them since before Covid so it's been a few years.  I just hope Madeline hasn't forgotten me.

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