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more abt me?

Because i'm so nice heres some more about me :) uh pls also don't be afraid to interact i promise i'm sane :) (not) 

SO i'm misa/saiki/luci/levi/literally anything at this point. and I solely use star/stars/shine/shine/dolls/dolls/+ space neo's. i'm nonbinary and non-human (angel irl <3 /srs) 

* when interacting with me please (its a must) use tone indicators I cannot tell the difference between alot of things so i may get upset! ( i don't mean to, i promise :3 )

I also tend to make alot of spelling mistakes lol  + avid caps user 

i will get upset if you diss any of my hyperfixations,, ur just annoying lol + prob block too L

biggest obey me hyperfix ever! (its not okay.. 3+ years skull)

here are some of me in fiction! (also known as irls .. pls dni or just don't mention if you're an irl of any of these chars! BUT please interact if you're an irl that you know will get along with my fiction self lol :3 ) 

Leviathan, Luke, Simeon (obswd) 

ganyu, baizhu, scara (genshin)

andrew kreiss, psychologist (idv)

mitsuri (kny)

gin, safalin (yttd) 

^ do not comment on how many there are /srs

anyways you can find me at.. 

@belamour on scratch 

@cupiidzhearts on insta 

belamour#7777  on discord

@bigdickdaddy6969 (dont ask) + @irleichitenshouin on pin 

anyways i'm the most sane mammon fan (not) 

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