all about me!! ^^ X3

halo zpacehey peepz!! 

im zure you've probably zeen the namez i recommend but im gonna uze maple for thiz blog entry!! 

firzt off, a little bit about me..! my name(z) is maple and im 13 (minor!! 0_o). 

i enjoy zcenecore, child/kidcore, well..moztly kid ztuff or 2013 and bloody zpooky ztuff :3!! 

i love roleplaying and gamez (moztly child-like gamez cuz there fun ^^) and i enjoy old, horror, comedy, kid moviez/showz. 

i am hyperfixating on zuperjail and law of taloz/the lorax!! 

i enjoy drawing and do art requezt (oc drawingz or zimple character drawingz)!! 

i moztly take requezt on dizcord zo if you have any requezt you'd like me to do, just azk for my dizc and ill happily give X3

i enjoy breakcore, loud, old, and band muzic!! my fav bandz is mcr, temptationz, zet it off and weezer!!

my zingle fav artist are childizh gambino, jack ztauber, and will wood!!

zome other main ztuff about me is i am a transfemmine (male to female), lezbian, demi-girl, demizexual/romantic, bigender, and xenoz too !!

i uze any pronounz!! ^_^

i am moztly active on tiktok/dizcord, so if you would like to chat or anything you could find me on thoze zocialz!! >_<

well...idk what elze to put ;-; zo im gonna end the blog here T-T

until my next blog, later zkaterz ^^ 

ridez into the zunset on my cool zkatboard


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