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LGBTQIA+ and the Spanish Language

So Ive been tinkering with the idea of learning Spanish for a long time. I actually started learning 'Mexican' Spanish a year or two ago and was doing really good until I got distracted....that tends to happen a lot lol. I want to learn so many languages!!

However, I'm generally not great at retaining what I've learned

So I've picked it back up and I was wondering, since I'm Non Binary, how common are Enby folx in the Mexican culture? 

In Japan its not uncommon to see genderless clothing and watashi is the most gender neutral version of "I". I use Boku though....bc I'm generally more masculine leaning.

Speaking of referring to oneself. For the love of all that is sacred. How do I pronounce 'yo'?? Is it 'Jo' or is it 'Yo'? Ah I feel like such a noob! Same for 'll' is it 'Ya' or 'Ja'? I keep hearing both and I can't find a good explination.

Also, what are some good LGBTQIA+ words / phrases in Spanish? Words that I can use with others in the community.

Ok, well it's 4:45 am and I'm up pondering this stuff instead of sleeping. I hope it made some resemblance of sense. Guess I better lay down. Just thought I would throw some questions out into the abyss and see what returns. Please be nice...(seriously).  Thanks! 

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So in my understanding, "they" in Spanish is "elle". You know how the "a" is feminine and the "o" is masculine, the "e" is neutral. And the "e" is a much more grammatically functional letter than the "x".
ella/she, el/he, elle/they.

Granted, it's still not common to hear it said. people aren't used to it yet, and (unfortunately) there is still a lot of transphobia in the community.

And as far as how common being nonbinary (nonbiniario) i think that it's becoming more visible. I have loved ones who are queer and loved ones who identify as trans/nonbinary who live in Mexico. There are defiantly queer and trans people.

also here is an article on the pronunciation:

and here is a Tiktok user who covers mexico city gay slang:

I hope that helps

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Thanks for sharing the knowledge on elle! I hope it catches on more in the future! The article for pronunciation was way helpful too. I was so confused lol and I honestly didn’t even think to look for tiktoks on the matter so thanks for linking! :)

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This is borderline unreadable

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Sorry, I'll fix it when I get the chance

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