Creepypasta stuffz (in 2023???)

Hiii so I thought itd be cool to talk a bit about a lil project my friend and i are working on!

So basically, its inspired by the whole 'slendys mansion' thing from back in the day but keeping the characters as like,,, people and allowing the more serious/horror elements to stay in
mainly its just us fuckin arnd but we joke sometimes about making it into a series 

we think of it like a dark horror comedy as in like. theres actual serious shit happening and the characters cope w humor and have their own fleshed out dynamics type dark comedy

id like to preface this by saying every interpretation of every character is valid, and if u like diff versions of them from what we write thats totally cool! this is jus how me n my friend are writing the characters for our project

our main inhabitants are slenderman, masky, hoodie, jeff the killer,, ben drowned, eyeless jack, and laughing jack
we thought about having ticci toby, but his creator doesnt want him associated w creepypasta bc of the fandoms reception and we are respecting that! also sally wasnt added cause we felt shed clash, and jane will show up but she doesnt live in the mansion. Also we simply did not want to add clockwork in (not in a misogyny way but in a i cannot stand her story way)

slenderman doesnt have any transcribed dialogue, instead communicating telepathically and the viewer only getting static. he doesnt show up a lot and is usually floating in the background.

How we do masky is a bit weird? hes one of the characters w a did allegory but its not as bad as Liu (who well talk about later). instead hes just entirely under slenderman's control but still maintains his personality, hobbies, n stuff. He cant disobey a direct order but otherwise has some freedom. Hes like the voice of reason and team dad (also a college dropout LMAO)

Hoodie shows up less and doesnt tend to talk much. He might be a reanimation of Brian's corpse, since he dies(??) in MH (but also hes alive in the comics but also its OUR rewrite so idk) Him and Masky run a private fashion/liveblog account for funnies

Our Jeff is based on the 2015 reboot of the story. The characters feel more realistic and the parents are more neglectful rather than like. obstacles? Our stuff takes place in 2019 though, so the events of the origin story takes place in 2009 instead. Jeffs 23 now and works under slenderman (only cause he knows hell get possessed and made to do it anyway) he doesnt like anybody but he has a 'dad who didnt want the dog' relationship w smile dog.

Speaking of Smile dog, hes really just an attention whore husky! Hes not actively malicious he just wants to be looked at, hes cute in a fucked up kinda way. Jeff refused to let anyone pay attention to him until eventually smile got out and gets caught by animal control (a whole episode or two about his adventures and the other pastas trying to find him, EJ grabs the wrong dog and it bites jeff)

Eyeless Jack is his own guy, entirely separate from Slenderman. He's a chill guy and an eldritch horror under his hoodie and mask (which are real clothing items he likes wearing) he loves having his picture taken and WILL stop and pose if you pull out a camera. (the pic of him from the story has no blur or distortion)

Ben is my personal scrunkly actually. He serves as an annoying younger brother in the mansion and has a DS and N64 (one of while just appeared and nobody knows how he got it and the other he sleeps in in his room) He is a little shit and just, bratty self importance (more relaxed on his 'spread the word' stuff but still needs attention at all times) (episode concept where his ds breaks and he people watches while sophie and liu go get it fixed and ends up seein how many people he can piss off)

Laughing Jack lives in his box in the attic and barely interacts with other residents (most dont even know hes there) he gets thrown down the stairs by sophie when he tries to kill her bc she was pissed off about the nightmares (I PROMISE I WILL TALK ABOUT SOPHIE IN A MOMENT)

ok time for our 'og' pastas
zombie cat is currently in writing (and unnamed) and appears as a dying cat to a lonely person (but only the target) slight mind control, the target feels the need to take in the cat and nurse it back to health, eventually neglecting their own needs until they die and ZC steals their soul/life force
otherwise he behaves like a chaotic kitten, running around and causing problems. Him and Ben have a similar relationship to smile and jeff

Weve rewritten Liu. Homicidal Liu was,,, ableist to say the least. But i dont intend to get into how weird it is that he developed a murder alter! Our rendition of him is a kind of gentle giant, hes much more of a 'gentleman'. Instead of killing people, he keeps track of where jeff goes and warns the locals about his brother, If times are particularly desperate, he breaks into peoples houses to protect them/make them listen. He spent the last few years kinda wandering around after aging out of foster care. him and Jeff have a BITTERsweet relationship, even attempting to go back to normal with him after they reunite. he is significantly more worried about other peoples saftey than everyone else (which annoys sophie). He lives with sophie and her grandma and helps out around the house.


Sophie is a character created by my friend for a much older creepypasta thing they wrote with their friend. She was adopted by her grandma just before aging out of foster care. She is like a mean black cat, insulting other people and hating touch. Eventually the teasing becomes friendly as she becomes closer w liu. Shes made to go out and do things for the mansions residents, such as shopping and getting food because she "has nothing better to do" according to them
Sophie's grandmother is usually a typical old lady, but becomes much sharper at night as part of a deal she made with slenderman as a little girl. her deal also made it so that nobody in her family could be hurt by slenderman or his associates (as such sophie gets into several fights w the residents of the mansion and always comes out w/o a scratch)

We made a joke about them being freaks and not being allowed to swear so they say 'flustercuck', so weve been calling them the flustercuck freaks or jus the freaks. Weve also been refering to creepypasta as SN for short (scary noodles) bc CP is,,, concerning out of context

but yeah thats just a fun thing ive been up to! I plan to draw and animate some things for it, so expect creepypasta fan stuff eventually >:3c

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Salty <3

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this is so???? cool????????? i really hope it turns out well for you guys !!!!! /gen

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