Life is Settling

For the first time, I feel like my adult life is finally settling in to where it should be. It's warm outside, the wind is blowing, birds are chirping, and I'm sitting in myΒ computer room. Not my mom's, not my aunt's, not my friend's moms, mine.Β I feel peaceful. Content. It's odd that something as simple as this can make me happy, but it does. I know that part of it is largely due to the change in season. It's moving into spring and summer. I used to pretend that I was one of those 'cool' people that hates summer and loves fall and winter and dark grey days and freezing cold rain but I don't. I actually hate cold, dreary weather. I always have. I hate being cold at all. I love summer. I'm a summer person. I love warmth and heat, and now I live by the coast where it never gets tooΒ cold, and the beach is right there.Β Life is finally settling down, and now I can start the next chapter.Β 

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