art dump or whatever

drew this for a vtuber friend. he wanted me to take my best crack at drawing him in the disco elysium art style. you can follow him on twitch here!

this one's in watercolor because that's another medium i like to use a lot. planning on making this one a diptych with op and maybe changing up the words on the top. originally, i wanted it to be referential to the hiss incantation from this game called "control", but i think i have a better plan in mind for the diptych thing.

this was a christmas present for my roomie who loves miss blackarachnia.  i like how i did the reflection.

vesper!!!!!!! i want so badly for him to sing more. his voice is so nice.

i'm gonna be honest, the more i look at this one the more i hate it, but i'm proud of it for what it is. it kinda looks better if you turn your brightness down?

ok that's all i'm comfortable showing publicly rn

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