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Funaverse Characters + Headcanons

I thought it would be easier to list off character stuffs in its own entry.

Satanick - The main Devil of the Realms. Every realm has a Devil, but he is the head of all of them. Incredibly tall, good looking, and KNOWS it. Overly friendly to the point that it's uncomfortable. Loves parties and sweets. He was raised by his God, Fumas. They consider one  another to be brothers. They insult each other constantly as a form of affection. Fumas refers to Satanick as a "David Bowie rip-off."

Satanick uses every pet name under the Ne-no-Kuni sun. The ones he uses most frequently are "Darlin'", "dear," and "honey." He also smokes to look cool, whereas Fumas smokes to cope. There is a difference.

I do not ship him with Ivlis. Please do not ask me about it.

Fumas - A perpetually tired God who looks like a man in his 30s, despite being much older. Like Satanick, he is the main God out of all the Gods. It's hard to say if he and Satanick are what humans consider to be God and the Devil, or if they're descendants of them. It's entirely likely what we consider to be God and the Devil made contact with the human world a long time ago and have disappeared since then. Regardless, Fumas and Satanick fill these roles. He is full of all kinds of information about the Realms for this reason.

Fumas sees the world in several dimensions. He can see the lives of everybody in the Realms, their relationships and how they interconnect, emotions, and branching paths of the future. He can't really turn this off, and is pretty much constantly overstimulated by this bombardment of information. This is why he looks exhausted- because he is. He smokes constantly to help take the edge off of it. His way of speaking mirrors Satanick's closely with him also using pet names when he talks to others. This is probably where Satanick learned it from.

He has a hyperfixation with the human world and enjoys observing it from a device in his room, but doesn't interact with it directly very often. He ironically refers to it as his "stories," as a joke about being rather old and cranky.

Lethala (OC) - "New" Ruling Devil of Toxic Metropolis. She is a petite young woman with long, silver hair and green highlights. Her horns look like curly vines with thorns. She wears a long, flowing green dress that comes down to her ankles with a matching shawl made out of the same material. She is a plant-like poison demon, bearing traits of plants from the nightshade family. Satanick found her waiting for a train in her city when he chose to pay the abandoned realm a visit. She and her God had been living there for quite some time without his knowledge. When he saw Lethala, he called out to her and told her fate must have brought them together because their horns are similar looking.

Since the denizens of her kingdom had been killed or driven out during the war, Lethala was raised in isolation. She has no servants or attendants; only her God, Noxem, who would have quite happily kept it that way had Satanick not shown up. She is a peculiar but endearing young lady who is inquisitive about the world. She spent her days wandering the empty city she was meant to be ruling, wanting to be as best acquainted with it as possible. As she got older, she decided her goal would be to bring back the citizens of Toxic Metropolis. Satanick has, perhaps deceitfully, promised to help her with this endeavour.

Noxem (OC)- "My, my, Noxem... You're looking well, for a dead man."

Noxem is a tall God with serpent-like features. He has long, fluorescent green hair that goes all the way to his back, green eyes with slitted pupils, and fangs. All of these features are common in demons and Devils, but less so for a God, which makes him unusual for his race. This is due to the Realm he hails from. All four races in Toxic Metropolis are known to bear threatening features, due to being venomous or poisonous. He wears a pair of black, pressed trousers, a scaly waistcoat, and matching dress shoes. 

He faked his own death during the Great War, and spent his time afterwards living a quiet life. This was partly to not attract unwanted attention, and partly because he very much wanted to be left alone after the whole ordeal. He and his previous Devil, Corrosa, had no children, so the land of Toxic Metropolis blessed him with Lethala after Corrosa was killed. Noxem has cared for Lethala like his own flesh and blood ever since, to the point of being a little overprotective sometimes.

Noxem is usually good natured and calm, but Satanick really sets him off. They are constantly at odds with one another, since Satanick believes Lethala should come back to Ne-no-Kuni with him and marry him. He becomes more snake shaped when he's angry, especially towards Satanick.

Licorice - Satanick's oldest son from an ended marriage. He was named due to Satanick's love of sweets. Licorice despises his ridiculous name and his father.

Satanick desperately tries to bridge the gap between them, but Licorice turns him down at every turn. He is not at all receptive to his father's affection, and avoids him by spending most of his time locked in his room reading books. Satanick claims repeatedly that "he will learn to love me someday!" 

His visible distaste for his father aside, Licorice is not terribly close with anyone else either. He instead chooses to keep to himself, despite many a demon being enamoured with his handsome looks and enigmatic personality.

⸸ Glasses - Satanick's second oldest son, from yet another relationship. Satanick is not nearly as fond of him as he is his other children, and makes no effort to hide this.

He's a relatively nervous but hardworking lad who means well despite the lack of support from his father. He acts as a retainer to Satanick's chosen heir to the throne of Ne-no-Kuni, Hemlock.

⸸ Hemlock, or Hem (OC) - The Crown Prince of Ne-no-Kuni, and Satanick's unabashedly favourite son. This is likely because Hemlock has worshipped the ground he walks on ever since he could talk, and Satanick is desperately trying to make up for the lack of relationship he has with Licorice. Hem bears an unsettling resemblance to Satanick but with silver hair, green highlights, and piercing green eyes since he is the son of Satanick and Lethala.

Satanick would have named him after a sweet like Licorice, but Lethala insisted that he should have a poison themed name because it's important to her culture.

Hem was a sweet, happy child who became increasingly arrogant as he got older due to his father's influence. Devils normally choose their oldest children to be the heir to their titles, but Satanick said "I can do what I want. I'm the Devil King, damn it." and selected Hem to rule next. Hem loves his dad, his own appearance, video games, and taking trips to the human world.

⸸ Nightshade, or Shady (OC) - Satanick's youngest child and his only daughter. Satanick once again asked to name her after a sweet, and Lethala turned him down.

Shady is a small, reserved young girl with a dry sense of humour. She has long, fluffy black hair and purple eyes. She is the heir to her mother's kingdom, Toxic Metropolis.

She enjoys tormenting her older brothers but is close with Hemlock. They like to banter back and forth and mess with each other constantly. She also likes puzzles and singing- Hem will play piano for her while they sing duets.

⸸ Dr. Victor Flankenstein - Satanick's human friend who is a biologist. He devoted his time to studying the mysteries of life on Earth extensively until he met Satanick, and then became obsessed with demons and learning everything about them. He now considers himself a "demonologist."

Unfortunately, the only demon Victor is familiar with is Satanick, and he assumes all demons are like him. He thinks any demon will do what he asks in the name of science it return for sweets. He learns very quickly that this is not the case.

This is all my main characters, haha. Questions are always welcome ✨️

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