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tw mention of SH R@PE ect

i hate the way i talk 

i hate how i dont think when i say things

i hate always say stupid shit knowing im being stupid

i hate get angry so fast 

i hate the things i do 

i hate not smoking enough weed

i hate how i am when im high 

i hate how i make stupid dumb faces all the time

i hate the way my neck bends when im drawing texting ect 

i hate when i poke my though out when im focused

i hate the way i cry 

i hate how i laugh like a witch 

i hate how i sing 

i hate how i cant read or spell 

i hate how i cant clean my room 

i hate evey part of my body 

i hate how i forget to brush my teeth 

i hate how i dont shower enough

i hate how i smell

i hate how i moan 

i hate these fuckers in my head 

i hate that i am not real 

i hate how i cant play guitar

i hate hoe i cant learn dutch or spanish 

i hate that i cant draw well 

i hate how my make up looks 

i hate how my cosplays look 

i hate how i cant stand up for myself 

i hate how i can never be my own person ever! 

i hate how i look at myself 

i hate feeling good about myself 

i hate not being perfect 

i hate always being the last choice

i hate not being loved 

i hate not being everything

i hate not being his everything

i hate how i cant control my actions

i hate how i cant tell people whats wrong

i hate not knowing what's wrong

i hate feeling pain

i hate the face i make when i smoke

i hate being so unattractive no one what's to fuck me

i hate the clothes i wear

i hate how i style myself

i hate being a doormat i hate being lazy

i hate being unfit

i hate how i take photos

i hate trying to read

i hate how i can't cut deep 

i hate being oblivious

i hate being jealous

i hate always being paranoid everyone hates me

i hate the way i fall in love

i hate that im so sensitive

i hate when people try and help

i hate when no one trys to help

i hate how i cant fix everyone

i hate being traumatized

i hate how i was raped

i hate how everyone thinks im lying i hate the way i sleep

i hate how i can't think like a person i hate being here 

there's so much i hate it hurts 

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