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offically me (^o^) (byf/byi/dni)

hi my name is..anything you want it to be! im being completely serious. i do not care what you call me. but in case you need some inspiration,

i go by hal, cody, equius, sollux, scott, devi, rook, ditzy, or robert. i dont quite care who uses these

i go by any pronouns as well. i do not care! just dont call me she/her. i prefer he/him, they/them, and honestly go wild with the rest. neos are not exempt, be creative!
a little bit abt me:

im obsessed with anything old, esp stuff from the early 2000s!! 2002-2013 are my favorite years.
OLD TECH IS MY FAVORITE THING IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD and the imac g3 is my favorite computer ever. i have a large collection of cds that ive gained from a lot of places. its me and my bose wave against the world


I MAKE KYS/KMS JOKES, once in a blue moon i will say a slur (that i can reclaim), i do like some problematic media and i do in no way support or give money to the creators of said media, i am very socially awkward and please be patient with me, i may not respond for a while. text me all you want, though!!

i am extremely mentally ill and it like fluctuates. its seasonal. if i go dead silent im either having a moment or im just all posted out.

the obv stuff like conservatives, racists, and anyone that fits the traditional dni criteria. south park fans youre on really really thin ice but i trust that you think critically.

those in their 20's is also very thin ice. but if youre cool youre cool. keep in mind that i am a minor.
endogenic "systems". PROSHIPPERS/COMSHIPPERS the door is RIGHT THERE! get outta here. same with "maps"/nomaps/pedos/lolibait/lolicon

cronus kins/enjoyers. if youre a system member i'll give you a pass since you cannot control your existence, but it depends heavily on how you view canon. cannot stand that character for obvious reasons.

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Nice to meet you...


Sol ᗜˬᗜ

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>8000!!!!!!!!!!!! how dare you!!!!!!!!!

jk, lol XD

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