Finishing Daisy Jones and the Six

I finished Daisy Jones and the Six last night and I couldn't possibly be more upset. And not because it was bad or even that I was disappointed at the ending I simply had just fallen in love with the characters (well the women anyway) and I didn't want to see them go. I think that it's super important that Julia ended up being the reporter in a way she was really the only one that they loved unconditionally with no faults. She was the glue... just like her mother. Camila honestly was the heart of the band she loved them so effortlessly.. and gosh the way she could just speak with her eyes I will never forget it. Karen never got what she deserved..her storyline was so fucking sad and yet she was just so lovable..she got what she wanted but ? was it what she needed? Daisy.. wanted to kick her most times but she's still my baby..her childhood grief was looked over too much..and im just glad she gets to be a mother to that little girl. Gosh that little girl is going to be a fucking light in the dark. Anyways 10/10

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