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Retyping this because I didn't know it won't save ur blog entry automatically 💔. Yesterday I went to Circus Circus and it was so funsies omg. First we went to adventure dome and by 1 pm we finished all the rides. There weren't a lot of people. There was this laser tag worked and he was so out of pocket it was so funny. He caught me off guard. We then went to eat and got these walking taco things. It was just a dorito bag with taco stuff in it. It was mid cause I'm a picky eater. Then after we sat for a while then went to the arcade. My cousin won me the ice bear plushie then she got the pink one. We spent so much money on the small arcade and we didn't realize there was a giant one upstairs. We spent 100 credits on this VR game and it didn't even work. Then we went to the bigger one and we got more plushies. My cousin won them all basically. We played the water gun ones for the plushies cause they're ez and we played alone so we would get plushies no matter what. I got a Pikachu and money plushie. My cousin wanted to get me the giant hamster but I liked the monkey. She got the cute pink plushies. And we got a hamster and frog for my sister. My favorite arcade game was space invader I was so good I got us 500 bonus tickets that let us buy a tiger shark plushie that we are gonna raise together but we still need a name for him. We also got the finger lights but they're so so bright. It was so fun we also went to see a show but they were warming up and we left before it started to play cool arcade games. After that we went home it was awesome. thanks for reading if u made it this far!


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