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First Blog!!

Hii yall, as u could probably tell this is my first time posting on here. I am gonna b showing u guys some of my old art (not necessarily "old" per se, unless u consider like 6-4 month old art as "old). Hope yall enjoy! feel free 2 comment some suggestions/ideas for future art bc im pretty stumped rn art block is beating my ass (╥﹏╥) 

P.S; idk how to make the images smaller so if ur not a fan of the big ass images please bare with me

old patrick bateman fan art (i like 2 call him patty ( ´͈ ◡ `͈ ))

A clockwork orange fanart (this looks so strange bc of the lighting... it made the lead look all shiny and it pisses me off!!!! i swear it looks sm better irl (T-T)..)


i put "pxe" in the corner 4 no reason at all!!!!! i just thought it looked cool at the time so i js put that shit EVERYWHEREEE... also i kinda like how i drew faces at the time, my art looks so different now


more ecco2k PROPAGANDA!!!!! as it should be!!!!


i dont know what i was going for but this is cute


i made this only to fill up my portfolio... it looks like ass ngl

thats it everything else is 2 embarrassing 2 show!!!!!!!!!!!

hope u liked it

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