Approaching A Break During School.

Approaching a break in K-12 consist of the hyping around getting out which means parties, gifts, and telling your friends goodbye even though you know you'll meet up during break. With this comes the excitement of coming back and maybe switching subjects in the course or maybe even having a free day with movies or just simply work on your day back. What they don't tell you is in college breaks are dreadful and almost accomplish nothing that has to do with rest. You approach your finals or final test before what ever break you're taking there is no time to even prepare for the break. During the break you either catch up on sleep debt which somehow makes you even more tired, stress about the subjects you have to come back to which will have a shorter time to prepare for. There are no getting out parties, college friends basically don't exist, and even sometimes (most of the time) you have break work. So basically what im saying is I don't want to do my break homework. 

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update.. i did it and it took like no time lol. Honestly adhd will you get you there.. the lead up is worse than the actual action I swear.

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