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My Take on The Works of Funamusea

Here I'm going to compile a (hopefully?) easy to understand list of my personal interpretations of the characters made by Funamusea/Mogeko/Deep Sea Prisoner, though I'm sure I'll make plenty separate posts of related musings in the future. I respect the fact that some of these characters are not owned by me, I would just prefer to view and write about them differently, since they're important to me for a variety of reasons that don't overlap with the views of their creator. By this I mean I have created a universe in which their characters and some OCs of mine interact.

I'm going to divide this up into digestible sections to the best of my ability.

Main Lore

⸸ This world is a series of realms, or kingdoms.

⸸ The realms are dotted around a dark, metaphysical space called "The Velvet." The denizens of each realm can traverse by magic, so they don't enter The Velvet unless they absolutely have to. It's very creepy and dangerous.

⸸ Each realm is ruled by Devil and a God. They're referred to as Devil Rulers and God Rulers respectively.

⸸ The remaining populace is generally a mixture of demons and angels. The level at which they co-exist varies from kingdom to kingdom.

⸸ ALL Devils are demons, but Gods are not angels. Gods are not terribly keen to elaborate as to why this distinction exists. I like to interpret a lot of this lore as being explained by Satanick the Devil, and he would say he sort of always got the impression he shouldn't ask.

⸸ Devils and demons are mostly the same, but Devils tend to be a bit bigger. They're usually taller, have longer horns and tails, and bigger wings. There's exceptions to this rule, though, like Lethala, the Devil of Toxic Metropolis. He notes that she is unusually small for a Devil, and it is adorable.

⸸ Devil and God Rulers can be born from lineage, or they are born from the land they rule over if a royal bloodline comes to an end with no remaining heirs. These new Rulers are known as "children of the land." Satanick says new Rulers are often found as unknown children wandering around a settlement unattended. For the most part, everyone is fine with this arrangement. Satanick says it's easier to tell when a God ruler is born because they "look kind of like humans," meaning they have no wings or halos.

⸸ New Rulers are usually raised by the God or Devil that was still living when the other previous ruler died. If the other Ruler has no interest in doing so, the new Ruler is taken in by a willing family, usually one of their corresponding kind. Devils are usually looked after by demon families, and Gods are raised by angel families.

Angels, Demons, Devils, and Gods

⸸ I enjoy the idea that these creatures bear animal-like traits rather than simply just being metaphysical entities. Let me elaborate on what I mean by that.

⸸ Demons have a different kind of skin on their tails and wings from the rest of their bodies. It's almost scaly and very smooth. Their horns are made of a stony material. All of these features need their own special kind of care. 

⸸ Demons are rather like cats. They flick their pointy ears, wave their tails around in tune to their emotions, and purr.

⸸ Angel wings have real feathers. They shed and molt them depending on the weather and time of year. 

⸸ Angel halos seem to have some sort of physical bond with their bodies. No grabbing! That's rude, and it hurts.

⸸ Devils and demons tend to be mischievous and destructive, while Gods and angels tend to be kind and patient, but this can vary dramatically. Some Devils have never laid a malicious claw on anyone and some Gods are cruel bastards. Gods and angels that aren't particularly "nice" are typically airheaded, aloof, or emotionally distant though. Satanick's brother, the God Fumas, falls under the "emotionally distant" descriptor.

The Realms

⸸ Ne-no-Kuni (Land of Twisted Roots) - Main realm. A busy, vibrant city with even more activity at night. Not that there's much difference between night and day here. This place has an overarching Art Deco theme.

Devil Ruler: Satanick

God Ruler: Fumas

⸸ The Grey Garden - Lovely realm full of happily coexisting angels and demons. Ruled by a monochromatic Ruler pair implied to be in a relationship.

Devil Ruler: Kcalb

God Ruler: Etihw

⸸ The Toxic Metropolis - A desolate city overgrown by poisonous plantlife that closely neighbours Ne-no-Kuni. This realm is technically labelled as "abandoned." The city's architecture uses the Art Nouveau style and was beautiful in its heyday. Sadly, this realm was punished for its actions during the Great War between angels and demons, with its citizens being cruelly massacred. Those that survived went into hiding in other realms. The God here raised the current Devil as a daughter, since the previous one was killed during the War.

Devil Ruler: Lethala

God Ruler: Noxem

⸸ The Glittering Sands - A beautiful, sprawling desert ruled by a Devil/God pair who see each other as twins because they appeared in the world on the very same day, despite looking nothing alike. They represent the sun and the moon respectively. They like to assist outsiders with divining the future with an extravagant ritual with lots of singing and dancing. This annoys Fumas because, according to him, ALL Rulers have the ability to see into the future, and that these two didn't have to make this ability their entire personalities.

Devil Ruler: Helial

God Ruler: Lunali

⸸ The Condemned Harbour - A gritty, nautical steampunk themed town populated by mostly demons that resemble entities from the HP Lovecraft mythos. Any angels that live there more resemble angels from biblical descriptions. In short, these guys don't look very human at all. This place is located on the very edge of The Velvet. Other realms do not like this place or its denizens very much due to how wildly they differ from "traditional" demons and angels.

Ruling Devil: Yogg

Ruling God: Zazahoth

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