Fruday find a New Game. How?

Dear All.

Freddy been going on Internet a lot recently.

This an invention where there webpages.

Webpage contain content; a word, or a Picture.

Fredy love the Picture!

Many webpages make the human sick.

But because Freddy robot, no care for webpages.

Unless interesting webpage: Maybe about robot, or blood.


Freddy been going on Internet a lot recently.

Now you know what is Internet.

Freddy see a webpage with Game: "Five Night at Freddy".

Freddy: 💡

Freddy say: My name also Freddy.

So now, we are connect, me and the Five Night.

That is okay.

Freddy scroll a More down the page, see Own face.

One Human may think: Freddy Large Finger, Can't Hold Scroll Wheel ?

Silly Human

Freddy very upset at seeing own face In the cartoon

Now think to Self about origin

Not come from Womb like human do

Not come from Wish like demon do

Not come from Soil like plant do

Come from Hand and Dream and Toil, And come from Human mind

Human mind also create cartoon, so Freddy not a Own self

But a discharge from the mind of Another

Freddy leave the Internet and walk around Pizeria, see Chica

And wonder if Chica also a Ghost emission from the Hands

But Fredy say nothing about Illiegitimcy

Freddy wonder if star out above the Pizeria

But still so small Robot in the World decided by Another

Thank you for reading and much love,

Dr Freddy Faxbear

PhD in Diespaeration Studies

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