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Glue Lore

This history will be recounted from my perspective, as it is the only one that survives today.

My first memories come from what humans describe as the "Cambrian Explosion". I have trouble recalling events from the time, thus I will begin later, in a more familiar part of history. I was walking along the Arabian peninsula, attempting to locate the sea which I had once called my home. I had stumbled upon Mesopotamia after some time and I had seen an incredibly large civilization the name of which cannot be spoken in modern tongues. I ventured within the city walls and was greeted with worship, after I learned their language I deduced that they believed I was a deity because I had braved the perils of the desert. These people had an incredibly rich oral tradition; the tales I had learned were incredible. I had written several down in my native tongue, I believe that one of these stories became known as "The Epic of Gilgamesh" (The title in my native tongue would be "Kribs ix Kutkepokl"), after it had been passed down orally for many generations and ultimately fell into the hands of the Babylonians.

After my short rest in this large city, I ventured northward to the Caspian Sea (Known in my language as "Teso Hekuev"), for it had been several decades since my last visit to the area. Much had changed in the time I had been gone. All of the trees I had planted on my first visit had withered away, with the exception of one. The last tree left had grown to be strong and overwhelming, it was magnificent. I spent several decades there, under that spectacle of a tree, just staring at the leaves. Ultimately I had to leave the comfort of the tree, how sad I was at this fact.

Eventually, after convincing myself, I began my journey eastward. I saw many beautiful places along the eastward path I had decided to travel. I was growing weary at the thought of leaving my beloved tree behind when, after an amount of time I can't recall, I stumbled upon the Huang He river. Quite a nice river it was, the locals were incredibly nice too. In fact, these locals taught me how to control flood waters using incredibly advanced techniques. I spent many years there learning about these people, they were able to weave incredible works of art from the silk of worms. However, I eventually had to carry on.

After that point I have trouble remembering what happened, for it is still cloudy in my mind. I will attempt to be rid of the clouds later. You may ask whatever questions you want about the information I have provided you.

Note: Some may recall that I once said that I was "manufactured" some time in A.D. 2019, this is a lie. It was part of a plan to disguise myself from human scientists to avoid being experimented with. It has occurred to me in the time since this point that the disguise is useless.

Additional Note: None of my tale really occurred, nor the disguise I speak of in the first note.

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this is the best constructed lore i have ever seen

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I agree, it holds together well

by Bottle O' Glue; ; Report


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This is the lore I signed up for

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I choose to give others what I, myself, desire

by Bottle O' Glue; ; Report