Rules for my wedding

 Recently I went to a friends wedding. It was a great time but I noticed that my friends barely got a say in anything they were doing and was mostly a spectator event for their families. Was a little sad but made me think about what I want for my wedding when the day comes.

1. The wedding itself will be private. VERY private. We plan on only having our close family and siblings at the actual ceremony. MAYBE a close friend or two. We want a very traditional Lakota wedding and I do not want to waste my wedding day being an educator and having to explain to white family members and friends what something is. I also don't want friends/elder family members to sit there and be uncomfortable in the sun as it will be outside.

2. No bridesmaids or groomsmen. I really hate people nit picking over me. The only person allowed to do that is my mom and that is only because we have a wonderful relationship and communicate really well. I want her to be the one to braid my hair and help with makeup. I don't really trust anyone else with it except my partner.

3. Absolutely no children at my wedding or reception. I think this is self explanatory. A lot of people are making this rule for weddings. Kids are loud, annoying and ruin photos/special moments.

4. No gluten and no open bar. We'll allow a BYOB which in the long run will be cheaper but my partner is hypoglycemic and I want him to enjoy the wedding food.

5. No Funko pops. I don't wanna sound spoiled or awful but both my partner and I despise funko pops and think they're ugly as shit. The very last thing we want are funko pops that look like us. So if we get them as a wedding present we will toss them and disown the friends/family that gave them to us. 

6. No bouquet toss. I don't think we'll be investing a ton in flowers and the garter toss is blegh. Instead we will be working with Ferals in Peril and I will be tossing a plush cat and whoever catches it will HAVE to adopt a kitten! It will also give people the chance to donate and help a kitten or two or three! I saw this idea on tiktok and I thought it was really beautiful.

7. Absolutely no cheesy wedding music. Both my partner and I are DJs and love goth music. I'm still unsure of if we will hire a friend to DJ or just build a playlist but there will be no electric slide, macurana any of that BS (maybe cotton eyed Joe cause I love that song).

Those are my wedding rules!:) I can't wait until he pops the question.

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Sounds like a really cool wedding! I guess if people don't want a kitten they can just not catch your stuffed kittie?

I've put a lot of thought into what I'd do if I was ever in that kind of relationship again. I don't want to get legally married, but I was thinking it would be nice to do a wicca-inspired binding / commitment ceremony, outdoors. Make it a potluck, super low-budget.

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