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Is this normal for kids to do?

So basically, my son who is 14 has lately been in his room a lot. He has been moody and been asking me to buy a lot of lotion and tissues. I checked his search history a few days ago, and he has been on this website "Rule 34" quite frequently. I asked my husband (of 15 years) about it but he just said 

"It's a boy thing, don't worry about it. And I'll talk to him about it."

I just nodded because I'm a good wife who doesn't disobey her husband, unlike these Millennials. I just wanted to ask other WHITE MOMS about it to see if it also happened to them, LOL!!

PS: If you cant tell, the font is blue! AND the color scheme is red, white, and blue! Just like the American flag, LOL!!!

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I too am a white mom and my 15 year old boy has been doing the exact thing! I think it's just a teenage boy thing...! #Livelaughlove #winewednesday #parenting

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Wentz System

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are you trolling? you seem to have nothing else on your profile but this, and this question would have been answered a lot better and faster by google. if this is not trolling, i'm truly sorry but i find it hard to believe that someone would seriously ask this

- trickster

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Im Not quite yet a woman but i can say that this is indeed pretty normal

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