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Funny Secret Rings Game.

So, I have a Wii and I have the game.

sooo, let's talk abt it 

Alr, is a good game,  but it has its details:

The controls are uncomfortable. 

Sonic's moves are complicated to perform, such as Homing Attack, Backspace, Run and Dodge.Playing the levels becomes a challenge. But leaving that aside, the levels have amazing music (like all Sonic games). I've always liked the Egyptian themed stuff, such as Shantae (a platform game, where you play a semi-genie), and not only the music is amazing in the levels, but the themes it has. So far I've only been able to reach Evil Foundry. The level is long, but the song of this one is really good. I'll talk about it more in detail later 

Sand Oasis

( wip )

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