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march 31 blog ~ hello again + chemistry pub night

heyyyyy party peopleeee.

its been a while since ive blogged cuz nothing rly interesting happened to me lately and also ive been super busy w school stuff :P

some quick stuffz that went on since i last blogged:

  • i finally got a haircut. no photo rn tho cuz it looks kinda bad ROFL. my mom is gunna fix it up a bit tmrw tho so i might post a selfie tmrw night :) 
  • my mom dyed my hair blue. i have dark hair tho so it just ended up looking black. plus i was lazy about the maintenance so the blue is mostly faded out on the top layers of my hair. there are still some blue pieces so it looks like my hair is striped blue and reddish brown (my hair was dyed reddish brown before). my mom wants to dye my hair again so i told her to pick whatever colour n surprise me lol :P (yes, you heard that right: my mom WANTS to dye my hair some crazy colour. shes kinda the coolest mom ever)
  • i finished my second round of midterms! i did pretty well on both--i think a little better than i did on my first round which is awesome. then again, one of the midterms got scaled bc everyone did so bad so... i probably actually bombed that one. but hey, as long as i get the marks, knowing the actual content doesnt matter, right? 
  • i got a camera as a belated bday present! i dont remember the model but its a canon so its pretty nice. maybe ill start a youtube channel or smth. my mom has been wanting me to get into youtubing so maybe ill start vlogging instead of blogging :D

and thats what you missed on me!

now to the present! 

today i went to a pub night my school's chemistry course union was holding at the pub on campus and i had fun, or at least my version of having fun at a pub

most of my friends are either in arts or dont go to my uni and im quite the introvert so i spent pretty much the entire time on my own :I. at first it felt kinda sad being at a pub alone while LITERALLY every single person there (aside from the staff) was talking to someone and having fun, but as soon as i got some drinks in me i didnt mind it so much. 

my ticket to the event included a really cool cocktail that like changed from blue to pink when you added lemon juice to it which was AWESOME. it wasnt the best cocktail id ever TASTED but it was certainly the best cocktail ive ever seen :D

the next drink i had was called something like pirate's float. i chose it cuz pirates are cool but tbh it didnt taste super great LOL. it had rootbeer flavouring in it and i havent had rootbeer for a longggg long time so i wanted to give it another try and i just did not like it. i mean, the drink as a whole was OK but i would not get it again. i have decided to accept that i am just not a rootbeer drinker (nog would be so disappointed)

my last drink of the night was prob the BEST one ive had in a while. it probably ranks somewhere in the top 5 cocktails ive ever had. it was called a pornstar and it just tasted like candy. very sweet and sour and just all around pleasant. highly recommend. 

anyway i just wanted to pop back on here and give a little life update :]

i might post some pics in the near future but i think the blogging will take another hiatus bcuz final exams will descend upon me soon T-T

see ya!

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