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diabla diaries | 3.31.23

- so mom gave me the wrong time on my birth certificate, i got the accurate time and everything makes sense now. if i believed in astrology before, now i REALLY believe in it

- subliminals! what a strange little world of delusional people! i tried my hand at making my own and it got 11 likes and 130 views. terrible ratio. great comments telling me i'm underrated. will not be linking my secret subliminal making channel. u can dig for it tho.

- some ppl make really weird subliminals that make me shudder at the human condition. r u so murderous? make out with me and i can fix you

- ...

- had a dance party on the boat with mimosas! +today i saw a bird almost get eaten by a horse. tee hee

- idc what's in ur pants. i care about one thing and one thing only and that's what's in your bank account. money. makes me very. romantic. my sexuality is rich people. 

- bought some groovy pajamas at the lingerie shoppe with the help of brenda the lovely clerk

- goodnight

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