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Uh I'm stuck at home I can't go out to go skate with either of my friends... I hate this. Today's a Friday I should be out doing something fun, but no instead I'm home rotting and decaying alone. I wish I could at least speak to someone, but I still have my phone locked away cause I'm  grounded. On another less depressing note me and my mother went to the tattoo shop where I was going to get a nose & vertical labret piercing, but the guy wasn't there again which was such a bummer cause I almost had an anxiety attack in the car while driving there. That's besides the point but the guy who met me in the front started asking me if I was over 18, as would anyone who looks like a minor and is getting a piercing, but he asked me again if it was alright if he could know my age. Which was kind of odd. I told him I was 16. After awhile he asked me if I was in high school and if i was graduating soon. I told him in two years. I'm not exactly sure what to think or to think anything at all, but it felt like he was either trying to hire me or ask me out. He had this weird, but cool looking tattoo on his upper lip all across his mouth. Which was the first thing I noticed when I saw him. After we left the place me and my mother were both fuming at each other and I didn't want to sit in the front seat with her, so I went to back seat where she yelled at me, but while I was heading towards the front seat i caught a glimpse of the guy still staring at us. But who knows... I'll see him again soon though to hopefully get the piercings I want so bad. 

- xoxo Mazzie


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