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o   OKAY SO I’ve looked at theories about what’s even wrong in “Welcome Home” and found tiktoks about silly speculations that might make up my main theory about Welcome Home

My main theory is that home is an entity and is the main horror spot/antagonist of the whole ARG and maybe Wally is apart of it

Wally to me is kinda of like a robot with feelings, he’s not supposed to have a consciousness in the first place and trying to warn player/viewer of home but errors come along his ways about warning since obviously he cant spell it out or home will get him –( probably control of what not) and since he lives in home he might be a host for the entity (ex : something like cult of the lamb)

restorers seem to be in literally pain of restoring art/vhs tapes/ etc and either being manipulated or forced upon there will to do this
evidence :

o   “We are thankful to be the first to jump start this journey! (But it hurts.)”
“(When I unwrapped the first letter, I felt it. I heard it. Open. Open. Open. I want it out. I’m going to get it out.)”
“(The numbers are so hard to read. Sometimes I can’t see them.)” – hidden messages

By the same time this could have been by Wally, in my opinion I think its home more because of the weirdness of its character due to it literally being the embodiment of the movie Monster House

Wally is also the only one seen staring directly to the viewer with no shame whatsoever, another evidenced piece that he is the only one (seen) with a consciousness

At the same time there are some arts indicating that Wally and Barnaby are one in the same with the hearts on their soles

o   (Was gonna put that there was a creepy imagine of both Wally and Barnaby but was debunked [maybe] as entity doesn’t have ears like Barnaby so I’m gonna use that art as evidence as Wally as host)

Other findings.

o   Night is kinda like a taboo to Welcome Home, more so the restorers say that the episodes always end at the end of the day and with art seen of Wally saying you can’t be outside at night  because “you may could yourself and others” – rephrased
- probably another indication that Wally may be warning the viewer

o   There are also things like hidden websites that are accesses with the wonky letters in the website (EX : e×planation) which are linked here - “ Hello. You’re there. I can’t see you. Do you see me? Then stay quiet” – Wally (implied) - documents of the Welcome Home show storyboard  (there are luckily just overlapped and not pieced together as one png so you can pull the storyboard image and read it on a different tab)

- Sally is speculated to be like something like Sundrop/Moondrop and to be a reversed puppet and have a moon/evil side since her house has a moon side



Wally eats with his eyes . . . take that however as you please.

- in one of the many horror arts, frank is seen scared looking (directly?) at the viewer, scared for his life while (holding?) something but is covered by a red block, most like he is the “good puppet” along with (maybe) Julie.

That’s all on gonna put down may update depending on we get more evidence and mysteries but I’m sick as a dog so gonna go watch a cartoon and be lazy :D

Thick Skeleton Skull

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Theres another like "finding" where the wonky letters conduct a code and a certain code leads to a different website (kinda) and its


seeing this there should be as-above. ^^

I hope this is somewhat helpful to the theory

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ouu yess these all make sense!!

with wally eating with eyes and yk ppl say “eyes are the windows to the soul” and since wally can/does looks straight into the viewer’s eyes he could be like sucking on their souls, causing him to have even more like consciousness.

Then him gaining these realizations and other feelings apart from the friends in the neighborhood but “Home” knows this too and prolly benefits from it in some way…maybe

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