From my head to my middle finger, I really think I like you by FT Willz

i’m a little coffee pot short, stout, and burnt beyond recognition. Sour to the taste and and and, and an and, and the end

what a dark mess of chemicals we have become. look through my caffeinated eyes my love i see the sun in all its ultraviolet glory

it beckons me to abort my life of painstaking procrastination

…..and all i want for x-mas is to fly 2 blunts deep

i drive for days and sleep for miles, but never drop to drink

No Control, but not exactly a riot either.

fuck me you’re such a riot.

i’ve found healing powers beyond my wildnest dreams, behind your lips

i am the dinosaur soaring towards extinction 

so smoke ‘em if ya got 'em kids

…..cause Joe Camel needs the pocket cash or jusr read 'em weep sweetheart cause my royal flush comes with a love note i bleed spades, you draw horses…..

may the lord strike down ou penniless heroes for if not we must take matters into our own hands everything will be new when we open our eyes for the first time

so i’ll pick you up at 7 and we’ll have a real shitty time, but at least we’ll have a time

i’d love you yo hate my guts if they weren’t already covered in ulcers

…ulcers only a mother could love

so for now peace love and misdemeanors cause i plan on being out of step for awhile my dear.

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