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Lazytown fans Reunite! or show a sign of life?

While im going through this phase of being into Lazytown again i realised just how incredibly dead this fandom is. Well.. not entirely. There has been a resurgence on Tiktok but I am more specifally talking about the shipping side of things, I've always loved SportaSteph, but that side has been completley scrubbed clean off the internet. My hope is to find some other Sportasteph shippers or even just Lazytown enjoyers because i would love LOVE to have someone to talk to about this passion ^^

So if this sounds good to you PLEASE dont hesitate to reach out! am looking forward to it

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I am a very big fan of LazyTown since 2005! Also, I met Magnus Scheving in 2022. I make LazyTown content, and I am surprised when I see so much lazytowners here and everywhere bringing back the LazyTown attitude in our lives.

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Actual Acorn

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I used to love lazytown, and it was unsettling how whenever they went out of town it was just an endless wasteland.

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