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rating my cds (that ive listened to) part 2

next is the first album case i got, the korn case. it has their albums up the untouchables on the back.

kittie: oracle

fucking amazing album. i love this shit and would listen again. i love kittie. 10/10

a hot topic mix album with a picture of a stitched up bear on the front with an x over its mouth that was released in 2004

very good album, with no names for any of the artists on the cd itself. since i dont have the case i suppose i will never know. damn good though. i like all of the songs. 9/10

the birthday massacre: walking with strangers

FFUUUCCKKK i love this album soooooo much like you dont even understand. i listened to this shit over and over again. 10000/10 all of the songs are awesome. this is their best album.

alice in chains: nothing is safe - the best of the box

i love alice in chains its so good. this album is especially although i think its just their best hits. it has a demo of we die young and it sounds better than the released. sorry guys but man in the box is just too good and its my fav. it gets a few points off because it stops working at like track 10 or so and i cannot rate the last 5 songs. 5/10

korn: issues

THIS. FUCKING. ALBUM. its so good. i listened to this one over and over and over and its beginning to stop playing. between walking with strangers and this one i probably listened to it enough to beat anyone on the leader-boards on last.fm. 100000/10 my favorite song is trash

this swirly pink heart cd is by manson but no album name

pretty good. not the best. its pretty mid 4/10

also manson: golden age of grotesque

the only redeeming part of this album is thaeter. the first 5 songs are pretty good (all except for mobscene, thats a solid 2/10) but it just goes downhill. i dont like it but thaeter is good. 5/10

the entire space jam movie soundtrack

FUCKING BALLIN. its hella good. best soundtrack ever. i love basketball jones. so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10/10

rock hits of the 70s

the lineup is good, pretty chill. none of these are what we'd call "rock" now, but back then these were pretty heavy! all of the songs are censored and when the devil came down to georgia was on they replaced the line "i told you once you son of a bitch" with "i told you once you son of a gun". it was jarring.
pretty good though. like a 6/10

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