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rating my cds (that ive listened to)

starting off with: this black and unlabeled case!

dub tribute to linkin park

its just instrumentals of hybrid theory. pretty good. 8/10 because i dont really like instrumentals

chilled spirit

0/10 its weird as fuck. its like meditation music but its the kinda shit you hear in cartoons when theyre making fun of a hippie.

(hed): planet earth

pretty good, i have to be in a certain mood to listen to it. the cd doesnt really play. solid 9/10

dark lotus: tales from the lotus pod

i dont really care for dark lotus and it takes a very certain mood for me to want to listen to it. its okay otherwise. i really only listen to it for the singers of icp, but then again, i can just turn on some of icp's songs, so i dont see any reason for me to turn this cd on. 5/10

marilyn manson: you cannot sedate all the things you hate

solid album. hate marilyn manson. personally is my least favorite album from him so 3/10

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