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Song Recs #4 (mar 23)

Last day of the month, but i still remembered. so here you have it.

This month's crying song: Kokomo, IN by Japanese Breakfast

I actually didn't cry all month. I did lie around melancholic-ally but I did not shed actual tears. Unfortunately for this blog I just am not that regular of a crier, these days I'm more into anger and spite but people don't have special body fluids for those, and crying songs are more relatable, I think?

This month's 'anime opening in your head' song: Dynamite by Scorpions

Disclaimer, this is a sex song. Like the instrumentals are pretty good for anime opening visualization, but the lyrics...It was the 80s, you had to be horny or else you'd become a Reaganite or whatever the equivalent was in West Germany at the time. Actually check out the album this is from, Blackout, too. In my opinion, an underrated Scorpions track.

This month's song to play while you're chilling: You May Be Right by Billy Joel

This is not a 'sleepy' chill song. This is the kind of thing you put on when you're playing a game, or in the car, or cooking.

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