Excusing Myself From The Table

Lately I feel as if the internet has become one giant table that everyone is sitting at, but no one is eating. Like it's a giant family fight and everyone is constantly shouting about a thousand different things and the food is getting cold. and since everyone is shouting about everything all the time, it all gets mushed together, like when you squish to colors of play dough together and you can't separate them. All the big important things are being yelled but now there's also dozens of kids at the grown up table shouting equally as loud about things that don't really matter in comparison the the big things. I feel so tired all the time. I just want to leave the table and sit outside, but if I do will I miss out? Life has almost re-rooted itself into the internet, and if I leave what will I be unprepared for? Do I leave the table and finally get some peace, or do I stay seated while my head explodes from all the noise?Β 

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honestly, i got a flip phone and the only social media i use is spacehey, and i am never looking back. the endless NOISE of the "table" is so irritating and now that i don't mindlessly surf the internet as much, i have more time to dedicate to my actual hobbies! making stuff, instead of just constantly consuming it! for me personally, i do not regret leaving the table, but i know everyone is different and some people might prefer it. but, there's no harm in giving it a shot for a little bit and seeing how you feel!

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I've been heavily considering doing that for a while now. Can I ask what kind of fliphone you got? (i know its impossible nowadays but id kill to my old Motorola razor back or even my sidekick)

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I got the Nokia 2780, but I've heard the Sunbeam Orchid model is really good too. The Nokia 2780 has a predictive text system that works really well so you dont have to do the 3 button push system every time

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