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underrated asian thrash metal !!

idk why i made another one of these, theyre fun to make.

a small list of asian (mostly japanese) thrash bands i really enjoy and i feel are underrated in the metal community!!!

if youre not into shitty recordings, thrash, or any form of punk/hardcore... click here and go away :D


my rating ;; 7/10

raw thrash metal from tokyo, japan formed in 1983, they originally were called "rebel power" but changed their name in 1985 and continue to make music, hold concerts, and attend festivals to this day. i love how committed they are their entire career! their discography is as long as the wall of china and have appeared in almost every japanese compilation album EVER.

my favorite song has a bit of wacky vocals towards the middle but the instrumental is SOLID.

favorite song: 「Go To The Dogs」

favorite album: Gore


my rating ;; 6/10

the only reason i gave it a six was because theyre quite literally the japanese metallica and dont really have anything original other than their newer releases... but based off sound alone? 8/10 and personally i think they couldve had a LOT of potential.

theyve been active since 1982, but my favorite era was when Naoki was the vocalist just cuz hes literally japanese james hetfield and it was so satisfying listening to him. either way, solid band.

favorite song: 「Under Control Of Law」

favorite album: Black Clouds


my rating ;; 7/10

out of all korean thrash theyre probably my favorite in terms of quality, but i will say im not a HUGE fan of the vocals XD,, thats just me tho! theyre actually not a bad band at all and have put out solid work over their career.

despite being thrash in their earlier days (formed in 1989), theyve somewhat transitioned into industrial/groove now, which isnt a bad thing tbh. i love their evolution in sound and have always supported them. also side note,,, their riffs are like a solid 10/10 in my book so the fact that they transitioned to GROOVE makes my heart so happy for them.

my favorite song is from their early groove era, and my favorite album is from their raw thrash era. :D

favorite song: 「CRASHDAY」

favorite album: Permanent State Of Fear


my rating ;; 9/10

originally a hardcore punk band gone crossover thrash, and then fully to thrash,, what a transition amiright lol. theyre native to kobe, hyogo prefecture, japan,,, and are still active to this day (having undergone several name changes but have stuck to R*PES since then)

also please dont let the name discourage you from listening to them because theyre one of the best japanese bands ive ever listened to in my life. originality is 10/10, riffs are 10/10, vocals fit PERFECTLY into their sound. they might not be the best thrash band of all time but theyre definitely in the top 20 somewhere... and yes im riding them hard but they deserve it.

about their name? not sure on the backstory but lots of thrash bands, east or west, love shock and awe so thats my guess. anyways... listen to them.

favorite song: 「DEVIL’S FIRE」

favorite album: Restriction

maybe will add more? no idea but heres what you get lol.

i hope yall can appreciate them as much i do x)

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Holy shit thank you for this. Showing R*PES and JURASSIC JADE to everyone I know now lol

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as you SHOULD!!!! theyre so good :D tysm for checking this out x)

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