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my dnis

so im goin to make a quick section abt my dnis, hope u guys understand and dni if u are on the list

pls interact w me: fans of the games/series/media i have on my profile, writers, gamers, cosplayers, media creators, luigi fans, smg4 fans or murder drones fans

thin ice: ppl below 12, ppl in 18

DNI: basic dni, ppl above 18, c0mshipp3rs (except if some of ur ships are like human x non human in an acceptable way like luz x amity), pr0sh1ppers, anti fictionkins or irls, anti xenogenders, ppl who make fun abt sensitive topics like r4p3, tr4uma, ch1ld 4bus3 and more.


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Happy to see other Luigi fans!! He is the best brother

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fr, live love laugh luigi, i adore him sm

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